Betsy is the name my family gave to my first hair enhancer so we could talk about her without embarrassment

Not all Hair Toppers and Hair Enhancers are made equal. Many of us who suffer the indignity of hair loss or thinning spend a lot of time, energy and money in ordering what we hope will be the piece that makes us feel and look like ourselves again, not much to ask but in our experience very difficult to achieve.

We want to relieve you of all that hassle, discomfort, embarrassment and misery, we want to help you feel confident about your appearance, comfortable in the hair you wear and most of all feel like you again.

Here at Betsy HQ we sell the best clip in Hair Toppers and Hair Enhancers. They are not ‘Luxe’ or ‘Celebrity Endorsed’, they quite simply provide coverage and security where we need it and hair where we want it.

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Our Beautiful Hair Toppers & Enhancers are Made with 100% High Quality Human Braid Hair that can be Cut & Styled to Look Like You.

Light Density

Grace is a Light, Elegant, Clip In Mono Top Hair Topper Offering Light Density Coverage (130%) at the Base and a Tapering Density through the Length. Perfect to Enhance Fine or Lightly Thinning Hair. Grace (standard base) is an In Stock piece and available to purchase. 

Light & Medium

Daphne is a light density (130%) Mono Top Hair Topper through the top and sides but has a medium density (150%) back section and a delicate lace front which can be removed if not required. She comes in 3 different lengths and all 12 of our beautiful standard shades. 

Medium Density

Maude is a Light Weight, Medium Density Clip In Mono Hair Topper.
Maude Offers Full Coverage (150%)  and is Ideal for Diffused or More Extensive Hair Loss or for Those who want to Achieve a Fuller Look throughout their Hair.

Margot is a Baby Base, Silk Top, Extra Light Density Hair Topper with Fringe designed to give your hair a little boost through the length but not full coverage. She is a Baby Base Piece Measuring  3.5W x 4L. 

Ruby is a featherlight 110% Hair Topper Available in a 14″ Length. Ruby is a Silk Top meaning the Base is Constructed with a Layer of Skin Coloured Silk Like Fabric which Creates the Most Realistic Parting on a Hair Topper. The Base is 3.5″W x 5″ and Perfect for those who Simply need a Little bit of VaVaVoom! 

Iris is a 120% density Mono Top Hair Topper on a 2.5″W x 5″L clip in Base Which can be Positioned to Disguise a Particular area or Fill Out a Parting. She is Small and Discreet and Perfect for a bit of Ooomph Where you Need it.

real Human hair

Betsy is made from  high quality human braid hair and can be cut, styled and blended to suit you.


Choose the density and base size you need to get the look you want – we have a range of Hair Toppers with heavier or lighter density and  some have 3 different Base Sizes to suit your needs.

Natural colours

Our Hair Toppers come in a wide range of natural colours and can be dyed, toned, low lighted, smudge rooted etc. to match your own hair.


Betsy can help you to enhance your existing hair or provide greater coverage and security for more diffused hair loss. Whichever solution you choose Betsy has you covered. 

Customer Reviews

Our happy customers share their hair topper reviews

When the postman knocked at the door with Betsy, I was still in my dressing gown with bedhead hair but 5 minutes after ripping it from his hands, it was on my head and I knew straight away that it was everything I'd hoped for and more!
Hannah after
OMG I have hair again! The colour match is absolutely perfect. This morning in the shower for the first time in a year I wasn't in despair at the amount of hair going down the plug, I knew Betsy was on her way... I can't thank you enough.
I am delighted with my Maude Blondie. I have had her cut into a style that I love and it may help other women to see that Maude can be cut shorter very successfully...The colour is amazing, I cannot tell where my own hair ends and Maude begins. Thank you so much.

Got Questions?


Got a question about hair toppers? Wondering how to choose the right Betsy for you? Need advice on caring for your Betsy? We’ve got answers for everything…

We want to make sure choosing a hair topper is as easy and empowering as possible. There are lots of videos on our YouTube Channel, you can email photos of you hair to us and we can advise remotely  or you can attend one of our Try Before you Buy Events up and down the country.

Yes – in fact, we actively encourage you to colour or tone your Betsy to match your own hair. There are some rules to follow to make sure you get the best result – no ammonia, semi-permanent dyes are recommended. Always conduct a strand test! Colour Washing is another option – see our full FAQs page for details.

Although we can’t advise anyone on their individual tax status, we can say that people who are considered ‘necessity hair wearers’ are able to buy hair toppers at zero VAT. Qualifying conditions include alopecia, chemotherapy, or chronic sickness and disabilities that affect the hair. We recommend seeking advice from HMRC for your specific circumstances. 

For full-time wearers, if you follow the care advice, your Betsy will look good enough to wear for approximately 6 months. If you only wear part time, she’ll last a lot longer. I have worn one for a full year, full time, taking very good care of her, and she still looks good – though the texture has become drier and coarser. The better you care for your Betsy, the longer she’ll last you.

In-stock Betsys are generally shipped within 48 hours, while Blondes are coloured in house and take up to 5 working days. Our free shipping takes 2 – 5 working days.

Obviously we hope you’ll adore your Betsy, but we know that sometimes things don’t work out. We offer exchanges on pieces that have not been worn, washed, or styled, although made to order items cannot be exchanged.  If you return your Betsy a £35 fee is payable.

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