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Betsy is the name my husband gave to my first hair enhancer so we could talk about her without embarrassment

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I have suffered the heartbreak of hair loss off and on since my mid 30’s caused by chronic illness and the effects of medication, I know now that I will never recover my own hair fully, what has left me is never coming back.

A few years ago I decided to take matters into my own hands and focus on finding a practical solution that would make me look and feel like the woman I used to be. And so it began….. my journey into disappointment and  the realisation that many businesses who sell hair pieces to help women have fuller thicker hair were spinning tall tales and fantasy. Most of the imagery used on websites were clearly not the  hair I received after shelling out hundreds of pounds, they were cheaply made inferior bits of hair that I would never wear. Even worse was the difficulty I encountered in returning products back to the retailer, most were in the States or China and VAT and shipping added on as much as £100 to the purchase price….. money that I could not get back. I have a whole drawer of hairpieces that didn’t make the grade and were too expensive or difficult to return.



I have to admit I was feeling defeated, my confidence was at rock bottom and I could not afford to keep making purchases in the hope I would find the ‘one’. Equally I could not face another day feeling less than the whole of myself, I was tired of having my illness on full display to the world, I now know that many women who have lost their hair feel the same.
One very desperate night I spent hours on the internet researching, taking notes, making comparisons and reading reviews and I eventually came across a Hair Topper that looked workable.  Now, I should explain that Betsy is the name and general term my husband and I gave ‘her’ so that we could talk openly and without embarrassment about the hair I wear. At the time, Hair Toppers were a little known phenomenon, a hair piece that was worn on the top of the head, giving coverage to the crown and front that didn’t require glue or skull caps or hours of faffing, it simply clips on to your existing hair similar to a hair extension. It was made of real human remy hair which meant I could cut, dye, curl or straighten to my hearts content meaning I could make her look like me, there was a before and after video of a real woman who looked normal……. I hit the BUY button and felt sure I had found the holy grail of hairpieces.


So I think you already know the ending to this particular story……… on arrival I  immediately clipped ‘Betsy’ No 1 to my head. At the time I had a little less hair than I have now so spent 30 minutes repositioning the clips to where I had more wisps to cling to. I was thrilled with the result and for a while Betsy and I lived together as is. After a month or two I cut a fringe into Betsy and added a few more layers, at last I had the hair I wanted and more importantly for my self esteem, the hair I needed.

I cannot lie to you, Betsy and I have had our ups and downs…… I was always to blame. I love messing about with hair, chopping bits off here and there, dying it all different colours. Unlike natural hair, Betsy doesn’t grow back so after a couple of near ruinous DIY hairdos I now entrust my precious to people who know how to handle her with care.

We now design and have manufactured our very own collection of Betsys, our clients are often our source of inspiration and we are proud in the knowledge that Betsy has transformed the lives of hundreds of women. Don’t wait a moment longer to get the hair that you need and want……….. get in touch and let us help you be you.


Its important to understand the affect that losing my hair had on me to really appreciate the relief and joy I felt when I received my first Betsy all those years ago.  


This is me and Betsy No.04.

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