Betsy is the name my family gave to my first hair enhancer so we could talk about her without embarrassment

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The Betsy Tribe * We are small but we are mighty

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Lucy Deakin
betsy Client Services

Jane with Balayage B&W

Jane Bebb
betsy Advisor

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Sam Dare
Betsy Stylist/Advisor

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Donna Harkness
Betsy Logistics

The Betsy Beginning.......

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Why WE do what we do

I lost my dearest friend to cancer and I remember vividly her distress upon losing her hair.  She hated having her illness on full display to her children and did her utmost to ensure that it didn’t define her. I know that many women who have lost their hair through illness and/or medication feel the same.

When the effects of medication made me lose some of my hair I decided to take matters into my own hands and focus on finding a practical solution that would make me look and feel like the woman I am. I could not face another day feeling less than the whole of myself whilst I waited for my own hair to come back to me.

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The solution I discovered was a clip in  ‘Real Hair Topper’, at the time they were a little known phenomenon, a hair piece that was worn on the top of the head, giving coverage to the crown and front that didn’t require glue or skull caps or hours of faffing, it simply clips on to your existing hair similar to a hair extension. 

I sourced one made of real human remy hair which meant I could cut, dye, curl or straighten to my hearts content meaning I could make her look like me, it also meant not having to wear itchy, hot ‘pre-styled’ synthetic wigs, which quite frankly wore me and and made me look like someone else.

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 We love messing about with hair, chopping bits off here and there, dyeing it all different colours. Unlike natural hair, Betsy doesn’t grow back so  here at Betsy HQ we have all taken the time and training to learn how to adapt and care for hair toppers properly.

We now design and have manufactured our very own collection of Betsys, our clients are often our source of inspiration and we are proud in the knowledge that Betsy has transformed the lives of thousands of women all over the world. Don’t wait a moment longer to get the hair that you need and want……….. get in touch and let us help you be you.