I know that despite all the videos, photos and testimonials, many of you with thinning hair or hair loss want to try Betsy for yourselves before making the decision to purchase so for the last couple of months we have been on the road, conducting private consultations.The whole experience has been so positive and uplifting, it has been such a pleasure meeting you all and I really appreciate how all of you despite the nerves and occasional apprehension have embraced Betsy and approached the tricky matter of wearing hair with real determination to get it on and get on with it. .

I know I have said this many times over and I apologise for saying it again but Betsy really is just one of many steps you have to take before you can wear hair confidently and look and feel like you again.  Betsy is just hair……if you don’t take the time to make her look the way you want, she is not going to perform her job for you. Few people want hair just to cover their head, most of us want hair that makes us look and feel better and whenever I receive an email asking me if I think ‘Betsy will suit me?’ I feel like tearing the little bit of hair I have left out 😉 The question I want to ask is ‘do you suit hair?’, if you don’t then Betsy is not for you……… but if you are the other 99.9% of people who like having hair on their heads then the not short, not long answer is that Betsy will suit you just as soon as you have made her your own.

I am looking forward to meeting you in a town near you very soon.

Take Care Everyone