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I received my first Betsy in March 2013 (Image 1). When I removed her from the box I knew straight away we were going to be inseparable. Unlike other hair pieces I had ordered, Betsy felt like my own hair and there wasn’t too much of her…… might sound strange but that had been a problem in the past. I had ordered some very realistic looking pieces BUT they were made for the American market and traditionally women there wear much larger and thicker pieces, its horrible not having enough hair but then to have too much is just as jarring.

I am now on Betsy No.04 (Image 2 before) and whilst she still looks good, she is of an age and I will need to replace her soon, no.04 will then become my emergency Betsy. Overtime darker pieces will lighten, just like normal hair would if left in the sun. However Betsy will also go lighter because she is made from Indian hair which is naturally black and will have been chemically lightened during manufacture, over time it will lose the dye pigment. I like the colour she had become, a multi tonal strawberry blonde but as Autumn approached I wanted to take her back to a darker shade, more in keeping with my natural hair colour.
Firstly, I am the kind of girl who enjoys messing about with my hair. If you prefer not to then Betsy will gladly accompany you to the hairdresser and let the professionals pamper her so don’t worry, you only have to DIY if you want to. Applying hair dye to Betsy is so much easier than dying your own hair…… simply unclip, brush out any tangles and follow the manufacturers instructions. The fact that you can leave Betsy in the bathroom whilst you enjoy a glass of wine in front of the telly without dripping big globs of brown goop everywhere or inadvertently staining your face, ears, neck bra etc. is really liberating.

LorealIf I am confident about the colour I use L’Oréal Casting, it contains no ammonia so is kind to Betsy and it always rejuvenates her, makes her bouncy and soft, something I don’t experience with my own hair anymore. If you are new to colour then I would recommend using a wash in wash out toner or colour enhancer…… more details here. I will post a further blog about washing, conditioning and styling soon but I never blow dry Betsy, I let her dry naturally overnight or occasionally I will wash her in the day (along with my natural hair) and once she is damp as opposed to wet, clip her back on and let her dry in situ occasionally scrunching her up to create a natural wave.

Anyhow the resulting colour (Image 3 after) is subtle but different, I have still kept the Auburn glow and the multi tones but the overall effect is warmer and more suited to the colder months.

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