screen-shotNo Betsy’s were irredeemably hurt in the making.

A couple of weeks ago a client called with a tale of hair disaster. She had washed her Betsy in the usual way and for some inexplicable reason the hair on the fringe (only) matted like the hair on an unloved Maltese terrier. She had spent hours trying to tease the tangled hair, covered it in conditioner etc. but nothing she did could fix the problem. We talked about possible causes but none of them applied to her, indeed she had been treating Betsy very well and had done nothing out of the ordinary. Today I thought I would try to replicate the problem just in case it happens to any of you.

I washed a piece using a toner…… in order to make sure I evenly distributed the product I applied it direct to the piece and massaged it in. I was fairly gentle but when I returned 10 minutes later she was (as my client described) looking and feeling horribly matted. I rinsed off the toner and was left with a piece of hair that looked fit for the bin, no amount of patient de-tangling was going to fix it. Now, it could be that the toner I used was more abrasive than my normal shampoo and along with my massaging/rubbing in that I exacerbated the problem….. but what to do?

I put two generous tablespoons of conditioner into a bowl and half filled with lukewarm water. I swished it about to ensure the product was dissolved and placed Betsy in then left her for a couple of minutes. When I returned I could already see everything was going to be fine. I swished Betsy about for a minute or two then very carefully ran my fingers through the length whilst she was immersed. Eh Voila! tangles be gone. Betsy has emerged no worse for her experience. So the advice….. always condition your hair using the swishy method above or at least do this should your Betsy ever tangle.

​Take Care Everyone Px