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Can I cut a fringe into Betsy? Well of course you can OR your hairdresser can!
I did it myself using a wee contraption that made the job a whole lot easier. Its a less expensive version of a Creaclip which I bought on Amazon for the princely sum of £1.99. Rule of thumb if you are going to go DIY, cut a little at a time. I cut three times and made sure I left a little slack (approx 1cm) for styling.

This is the final incarnation of Betsy No.04 who is officially 14 months old this week. As a full time wearer she has done me proud but recently is showing signs of age. As Betsy gets older the hair fibres dry out and become thinner and coarser. As a consequence the knots that tie the hair fibre to the cap become smaller and start to shed. Betsy No.04 had started to lose a little density at the front which is now not a problem…. Eh Voila! I can wear Betsy No.04 a while longer yet.

Take Care everyone


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