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Happy 8th Birthday Betsy!

Beautiful Betsy Hair Topper UK

We recently celebrated 8 years of being Beautiful Betsy. A business founded through loss, love and the need to let as many women as I could know about a little known hair loss and hair thinning solution I had found called a hair topper.

Before Betsy, I wore a mid brown hair topper because it was the closest colour to my own dark auburn hair that I could find. I didn’t alter it to the colour I needed, the scarce resources online basically forbade me to do it 🫤, and dark consequences were predicted. I couldn’t find a hairdresser who would touch it and I was terrified of Hair Salons and my initial hair topper which looked too thick and positively overwhelmed me. Over time and after a lot of research I designed my own pieces and tentatively revealed my hair loss to the YouTube Nation in a bid to inform as many women as I could about hair toppers ……. Betsy was born. Within a few months of being Betsy I realised that I was now the expert of my own hair and the hair I wore and I began to experiment…… I quickly became a Redhead once more and then a Blonde 😊.

These days I rarely go back to brunette but I have spent the weekend looking back on my hair wear years and felt it was the right time to pay a small homage to how far I and Betsy have come……. also we often get messages asking us if we sell dark hair, so yes….. we sell gorgeous dark hair toppers and if it’s not dark enough, make it so 😊. There is lots of information on our FAQs and YouTube Channel about toning and dyeing Betsy to the colour you want, it can be as easy as a wash in, wash out shampoo and it could make all the difference to you and Betsy.

Back in 2016, hair toppers were relatively unknown here in the UK, nowadays hair toppers are more ‘out there’, social media has made information about them more accessible and more women than ever know about this very simple and practical solution…… I would like to think that I have played a small part in that.

I am forever grateful to all the women who have put their trust in us and Betsy and look forward to being around another 8 years, providing as many women of you as we can with real and practical solutions for hair loss and who knows what colour my hair will be by then. Have Fun with Betsy and Take Care Everyone BBx

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