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There I was having a lovely Birthday Break, even the weather had behaved itself and what do you know, I go and spoil it all by getting poorly. Thankfully I managed to get home and see my doctor before being whisked off to hospital and it was pretty scary for a few hours whilst my symptoms confused everyone………. Eventually I was diagnosed with an Retropharyngeal Abscess. Thank goodness for my GP and the ENT Doctor who admitted me to hospital despite not knowing what I had, this is a relatively rare condition and many people suffocate and die before knowing there is a problem. Its been a horrible few days but I know how lucky I am to have access to healthcare, I for one would never want to be without the NHS.

I am back at home and on the road to recovery. I am very fortunate that I have great friends and family who are supporting me and Betsy over the next week or so whilst I get back to normal. Thank you to all my lovely customers who have already been in touch, I really appreciate your concern.

Take special care everyone!

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