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I have been messing about with my hair since my early teens. Thankfully in the days before smart phones and digital photography so I don’t have any evidence of my incredible homemade hairdos to share with you 😉 One of my clients who normally wears Platinum called me in the week to ask my advice about dyeing her Betsy. She loves the icy blonde tones that are so in vogue right now and in all honesty I wasn’t sure what to tell her……. time for a little experiment. Tee Hee!


I try very hard not to use hair products or indeed any cosmetics or beauty products that are tested on animals…… I don’t always get it right so forgive me but I do buy own brand products from my local Superdrug whose own line have been certified by the BUAV. This wash in wash out colour enhancer was the princely sum of £1.29 (normal rrp is £1.99) and is a bit of a bargain considering you would only use it once a month. Just a word of caution here….. always use non permanent hair colour, stuff that you can reverse out of if it all goes horribly wrong. I use the Colour Enhance range in Bold Brunette on my own hair and Betsy and it washes out quickly and easily. The other thing to remember is that you should never use lightening products, amonia or bleach. The good news is that these days there are so many non permanent colours around……. from pastels to bold ‘in your face’ colour, you could ‘rainbow’ your platinum Betsy for a festival and look fabulous without having to dye your own hair underneath, the possibilities are endless.


Anyhow back to Betsy HQ with my little bottle of magic to commence experimentation. Firstly you can apply this colour to dry hair which means no washing required but first of all I did a strand test to check the colour intensity. After 15 minutes I wiped away the dye using a wet cotton pad and liked what I saw but I wanted  more intense colour so after applying it to Betsy I left it on for a full 30 minutes. I applied the dye using the applicator brush from a L’Oreal Bronde kit that I had in the back of a cupboard because I wanted to see if I could create light and shade but its perfectly fine to use any applicator brush you choose. Using a brush is advisable so that you can control the amount of colour you apply near the cap area…… you don’t want to colour the cap if you can help it.

After 30 minutes development time I simply rinsed the colour off and applied a deep conditioner for 5 minutes (no need to shampoo). After rinsing I hung Betsy up to dry and Hey Presto! she emerged this rather lovely icy blonde….. a completely different shade to the original platinum. I cannot wait to try another shade on her and Louisa who set me on this quest earlier in the week has already done the same and loves it but is planning a few experiments of her own.

Let me know what you think, love hearing from you all.
In the meantime take care. Px

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