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Love What You Do – The Divine Comedy is one of my ‘go to’ songs when I need a bit of a boost, if you have never had the pleasure you can hear it here. Thing is very few of us get the chance to really ‘love what we do’, most of the time we learn to accept and in the most part ‘like’ or ‘don’t mind’ what we do in order to make a living.
Taking a bold step into the unknown and setting up a small business can be terrifying especially when it means having to reveal your deepest, darkest secret. Its still early days but I couldn’t be happier about making the move, I am simply loving what I do. Hair loss is a taboo and difficult subject no matter what your gender, it causes so much heartache and it’s simply joyous to be part of the solution for the brilliant women from all over the world I get to meet and talk to everyday. Don’t think I will ever feel comfortable about watching myself on video though ……. Eeeeek! ?
blonde-betsy_2I have put together a new video below which is a bit of a follow up on the choosing the right colour video I did a few days ago and addresses the question  ‘How important is it to get a perfectly colour matching Betsy?’ Well, in my experience not important at all and to underline that rather bold statement I have made this video to clearly demonstrate. Caution is advisable as once again I reveal my baldy head… not once but three times! Take Care. Px


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