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beautiful-betsy-next-hairdoI have just spent the morning on Pinterest trying but failing to rescue my account……. its a long story but the account I have had with them since I was a girl (hmmmm) has been lost in the ether somewhere between me converting personal to business and changing the name. So I am now in the process of rediscovering my pins and adding them back. It occurred to me however that I don’t have a hair collection, which would be understandable if I didn’t have Betsy but now that I do I can dream big in that department. So, I have found all manner of loveliness and have pinned them to the account which is here.

The order is in and I will soon be in possession of Betsy No.05……. this is exciting because Betsy No.04 still has a lot of love to give me so I have hairdo options.

So on to my dilemma…… should I go bold and have a fringe cut into Betsy No.04? I already have a side fringe but I love the blunt fringe on the photo above. This is the beauty of wearing hair, I know that some of us may regard it as a chore but since owning a Betsy I have changed sides. I love the versatility she gives me, when I get up in the morning my natural hair may look a mess but Betsy never does, I love boho messy hair and Betsy gives me masses of opportunities to style her any which way I choose, something I couldn’t do previously with my own hair. Now I have the delightful prospect of being able to wear a fringe if the mood takes me OR not…….. confusion and envy amongst my friends will escalate, how fabulous!

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