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Regular readers will know that I have a Drawer of Despair (actually it is more like 1.5 drawers now). A stash of failed dreams and hopes in the form of hair toppers and wigs that I have bought over the years. I still buy pieces now to check for quality and to make sure that there isn’t a brilliant alternative product that I should also be making available. Sadly I still have not come across a similarly priced topper that even comes close in quality to the pieces that I sell, which is a mystery to me. If you research the market (which is easy to do online) there are lots of large retailers with fancy videos using pretty ‘spokes-models’ (with plenty of hair) peddling their ‘luxury’ brands at over inflated prices and all of them fall short of that. Hmmmm…… I don’t want ‘Luxe’, I just want a quality piece that I can make look like me at a price I can afford……. I have no desire to look like Beyonce, as lovely as she is.

About a month ago, a potential client came along for a consult at Betsy HQ. She is getting married in June and worried that she would not feel comfortable or beautiful on the day. In her hand was a topper that had cost her £500. The topper is a very well known brand and had been sold to her by one of their UK agents. Aside from the piece not being of very good quality or construction, it was completely the wrong colour……. this was the source of her anxiety. Her hairdresser had called the retailer and inquired as to whether he could dye the piece and was told that he shouldn’t because the piece had originally been coloured with textile dye and the outcome could not be certain. Rightly or wrongly he didn’t feel comfortable dyeing the piece. My client had never dyed hair herself so the prospect of doing it on a £500 topper was too scary to contemplate. Stalemate!

I could not sit by and allow her to buy yet another piece from me knowing that she had already forked out all that money on a topper which was now rendered useless. Somehow we had to make the £500 topper work for her…….. so we hatched a plan. I will let our lovely Bride to Be tell you the rest.

Dear Paula
I just wanted to get in touch to say a big thank you for giving me your time, knowledge and advice with regards how to make my current topper work for me. Emboldened by your words I went to Superdrug when I left you on Wednesday and bought some semi-permanent dyes.

Long story short, after doing test patches like you said and not being mad and dyeing the whole thing in one go :o), I found that the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in Amber only bloody worked! Once I’d finished the process and had dried it off and fiddled with it I held it up and my boyfriend said ‘that’s weird, it looks like you’re holding your own hair, in a creepy way!’, then I put it on my head and well, blow me if its wasn’t a perfect match! Can’t dye these particular toppers……. My Foot, its completely fine!

Then I wore it over to my mum’s house to try my wedding dress on and she was astounded, all this time I’ve been making do and we’ve all been saying that the colour was fine, when really it wasn’t. She looked at me and said I looked like I did when I was 18. We had a little cry.

Thanks to you I’ve got my hair back. I can now truly say that I am ‘owning it’ and the relief is palpable. It’s also no exaggeration to say that you’ve saved my wedding day. I wasn’t really being completely honest with the world about how bad I felt about it. Truth is I was dreading it. But not anymore, I know that my hair will look like my hair on a good day, and that means everything to me.

Long term I’m still not happy with this particular piece, its too much hair, but now I know a mid-auburn shade can be successfully adjusted I look forward to seeing your new pieces and hopefully finding a way to match the colour and just getting on with my life, like a normal person.

I’ll send you some photos of the big day!

I cannot wait to see the photos, she will look stunning of that I am certain and I am thrilled that she is now able to look forward to her wedding day which is only a few weeks away…… Love it when a plan comes together!

This is not an isolated case, most of the women I meet who have already made the leap and bought a topper from elsewhere are amazed at the difference in quality between Betsy and the one they paid much more money for….. this is good for my business but it makes me mightily cross! Secondly I am furious that after shelling out loads of money for a piece, the retailer somehow retains ownership by moreorless prohibiting the buyer from making it their own……. this is how they retain their hold over the hair wear market and funnel our buying power as women who need hair into their greedy palms….. Grrrrr!

The good news is that slowly but surely more and more of us are standing up to them/it….. I get a lot of emails from women who are being less secretive about their hair loss with family and friends because they are more aware of the solutions out there for them and they need the support of loved ones to make sure they choose correctly and feel confident enough to wear them.

I feel very privileged to be in a position of trust which enables me to help other women take ownership of the solution and be who they need to be. If you are reading this now and need help or advice to be your own best friend, give me a call, drop me a line…….

Take Care Everyone


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