I have been wearing hair a long time and the one thing I know for sure is that every piece is different. If all hair was the same then there would be no need to wear hair and the anxiety over loss or thinning would disappear as we would have nothing different or better to desire. Put simply, when Betsy becomes yours, its really important to discover what sort of hair she is and ergo what products would work well on her and to your satisfaction.

We are often asked if such and such a product will work…….. if its organic and contains no nasties then it shouldn’t hurt but will it work? It depends on what kind of hair you have, how old it is (how many times have you washed), what you have done to it in the past, how you want it to look and behave now etc? The truth is we really don’t have a definitive answer as all pieces respond and react differently. The one piece of guidance we offer and stand by is that moisturising is key, everything we do to Betsy is done so as to stop her from drying out too quickly, sometimes that means a good hair mask or a hair repair treatment, between washes you need to moisturise using a hair oil and over the course of the day you will need to comb both your own hair and Betsy together to integrate and blend using a wide tooth comb. Below are the products we have tested extensively and found to work work consistently well. For more information, please visit our FAQ page.

Take Care Everyone BBX