We always look forward to seeing photos of our customers wearing Betsy but we appreciate that not everyone is quite ready to be on the Betsy Wall of Fame so a big thank you to the women who have very kindly agreed to share their photos and stories. Please get in touch if you would like to be included.


Some of you might recognise my face?

Well, when my ’15 mins of fame’ arrived it found me nearly a year into lockdown and suffering from dramatic hair loss.  I’d always had fine hair but this was something else.

Those of us that suffer from hair loss know how much it knocks your confidence and of course in lockdown you just wanted to hide even more.

But I was lucky.  I was coming to terms with the fact (I felt it was a fact) that I needed something to disguise my loss and in November 2020 I found Betsy.

I took my first (yes I have more now) Grace out of the golden bag and put her on my head and thought – never in a million years is this for me.  I put her back in her bag and wrote off the cost in my mind.

Later I came across a great video by Paula and it was as if she was speaking to me.  She said the first thing is acceptance that you need or want to wear a hair topper and the next thing is to make her your own.

And that’s what I did.  I took time to play in the mirror and I left her in for a while and went back to the mirror – again and again – and I stopped seeing Grace and started seeing me.

I now have several lovely pieces from Beautiful Betsy.  Sam (Betsy Advisor) has been fabulous during lockdown and has coloured and trimmed them for me so I can have a fringe if I want and I can actually put my hair up too – suddenly I have choices!

Now I don’t dread being seen on screen.


I’m now into my second month of wearing my own BB/Maude Cocoa Sunlight  and I can’t tell you how happy I am that I made the decision to buy one. I wear it every day as it now takes minutes to transform me.

My absolute thanks goes to Sam (BB team) who advised me every step of the way, and after a cut and colour made me feel fantastic!! 

I’m so pleased I’ve now found a solution to my thinning hair problem, honestly, it’s the best investment I’ve made for a very long time. Thank you so much for helping to make me feel feminine again.


In April during lockdown I ordered the Maude Standard Base 12″ in Cocoa Sunlight with Nutmeg Highlights.
Dealing with hair loss and thinning at 31 is devastating and I had purchased numerous expensive wigs that although beautiful were a lot of effort to glue down and very hot to wear. Then came the Betsy solution.
My hairdresser has cut Maude into a slightly graduated medium bob with a blunt fringe which I could not achieve with my bio hair. It is just my style and I am thrilled with the result. Cocoa sunlight and nutmeg highlight is absolutely beautiful and the colour match to my own hair was superb. The hair is also so soft and shiny, it’s out of this world.
Thank you so much for Maude she has given me the confidence boost I needed. I will definitely be purchasing another.

Hello to my Guardian Angel.
I wanted to get in touch to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like a lady again.
My hair has been gradually thinning following a hysterectomy when I was 37. I am a qualified beauty therapist and hairdresser but I changed careers some years ago due to low self esteem.
I met the man of my dreams 4 years ago and we recently married on 12th May. However my hair loss became dramatic in January this year, so much so I didn’t want a photographer to capture moments of our special day.
I had made the decision to wear a wig, but with a large head my purchases didn’t fit and looked awful…….I didn’t even know that female hair pieces existed. I came across Beautiful Betsy online and my wonderful husband purchased Maude Cocoa for me.
We have become best friends and the confidence she has given me words cant describe.
Thank you for giving this 45 year old the confidence to  conquer the world.
Much love
Lorraine xxx

My hairdresser Hannah styled my Grace 10” into a stylish bob blended into my own cut.

I’m delighted with the result – and nobody has even looked twice – if anything the comments have been ‘ you’ve been to the hairdressers again – your hair looks great’.
A big thank you to Paula for sharing her story and empowering women with this great product. I’ve placed my next Grace order & can’t wait to get her!

Thank you all so much. X

​Booking my consultation with Beautiful Betsy was the best thing I did - my confidence has been restored!


After watching all the videos and looking at the website hundreds of times, I bought my ticket for a Face to Face Consultation still wondering if I could achieve the same results as in the videos?
On the day of my consultation I felt extremely anxious but immediately calm the second I met Paula, it was like I’d always known her. We discussed my hair issues and Paula knew immediately the right Betsy’s to try on me. The transformation was miraculous and instant! All of a sudden I had hair! 
I felt amazing, losing hair can be so ageing but Betsy instantly took 10 years off me. Paula advised me that the BB colourist would smudge root and low light a Grace Linen 12″ to match my natural hair and that was that….. Simple.
My Betsy arrived a few days later and I can’t stop looking at myself. The following day I went shopping in Betsy feeling so empowered by my new look I was anxious to see if anybody noticed that I was wearing hair. To my great pleasure, no one batted an eye, exactly the reaction I was seeking.
Ladies, if you’re looking for a solution to your hair loss, I can wholeheartedly recommend Paula and her team to help you. A consultation is essential if you have any doubts and when you buy, your consultation fee is reimbursed, so what’s to lose? You can only gain. Confidence, empowerment and of course, hair …… x


.... the transformation was miraculous and instant!


March 2019

I am beyond delighted.....

​​I just wanted to say thank you so much for my stunning Maude Crumpet – she arrived safely and yesterday my brilliant hairdresser created this new look for me.
She said she couldn’t believe the quality of the hair and of the hairpiece. I left the Betsy card with her so she can recommend BB to any other of her clients facing hair challenges.
I am beyond delighted with my Maude and look forward to many many fun times ahead together (no pun intended!!!). Thank you so so much, I’m already contemplating adding curls to my life in the near future !!!! I’ll be in touch !!!!!
Many many thanks


You are doing a brilliant job and you have changed my life.


After years of dealing with thinning hair and the bucket load of emotions that it brings along with it, I have finally found me again. 

After a lot of emotional support from hubby I purchased Grace a month before Christmas. My goodness I felt anxious going to my hairdresser. I shouldn’t have because she is wonderful and had been expecting both of ‘us’. My hairdreser Sam could not get over the quality and colour match to my own hair. She trimmed my hair, and then things got serious – Betsy’s turn. Fringe and layers. Sam cried because she knew how much I struggled with my hair. The transformation was complete. I could be a bona fide biker chick with lovely, full blonde hair! At 53 years of age I can finally have the look I yearned for all these years. Thank you Paula.

The main test was hubby. I wish I had bottled that moment. “Is it on? You can’t see it? Its wonderful, fantastic? Do you take it off at night?” Of course this man loves me whatever hair I have or rather haven’t got but he loves the fact that my smile is bigger than ever.

Got up this morning, had a shower, dried my hair and guess what? Betsy went straight on, it has surprised me. She is part of me now, this is who I am. I feel attractive again. I feel more confident.

I wore Betsy to work yesterday and today. Responses:

1. You’ve cut in a fuller fringe and lightened you hair – looks lovely.
2. Love what you have done to your hair, really suits you.
3. You look great, the Xmas break has made you look rested and glowing.

Paula, I wish you and your team a healthy and happy 2019 and may you have continued success. You are doing a brilliant job and you have changed my life. A bit dramatic, but that is how it feels.


Oh My Word

I have just received my Betsy (Grace nutmeg with sunlight) and she is totally beautiful! 

At my face to face consultation, I thought I would cry (an emotional area) but I ended up with aching cheeks from smiling so much. Until I stumbled across Beautiful Betsy, I could spot ‘false’ hair a mile off, so they never appealed. The website (and meeting Paula in person: what great hair you have) changed my perception completely and here I am now sitting with a full head of hair which doesn’t feel or look ‘false’ because it is of course ‘real’ hair! 

Straight after my consultation, I went shopping in Wells and found myself staring slightly suspiciously at people’s hair, thinking to myself ‘Betsy looked so realistic, anyone in this street could be wearing one’. Thankfully, I’ve stopped staring now and just enjoying my very own Betsy.

Having had thinning hair since my teens (I’m 45 now) and recently getting more and more concerned about what might happen at the menopause, I started the messy business of spraying my hair/scalp with root concealer spray, but I could see this was not convincing (black patches on my scalp.. ) and meant having to wash my hair twice a day : once in the morning to give it more body and again in the evening, to remove the spray, resulting in my hair feeling dry, and even more unloved!

To anyone considering a Betsy, I would say that she is worth every single penny, it has only been an hour since she arrived and I’m already feeling more confident and feel such relief.

Thank you Thank you Thank you Paula!


Wonderful Solution...

Hi Betsy HQ, 

I wanted to share this picture of me wearing Grace Blondie for the first time…had so many compliments and couldn’t be happier to have found this wonderful solution to thinning hair!


I'm so happy I have finally found a real person who understands


My Grace Crumpet has just arrived and it is really wonderful. Way better than my own hair was when I still had it. 

The colours are beautiful, the hair is of finer and better quality than I have ever had in seven years of wearing hair enhancers.

I’ve just popped it on, pinned it up and it looks amazing.

I’m so happy I have finally found a real person who understands and has a great product and great customer service.

You have got yourself a very happy (and definitely returning) customer.


Betsy has been a game changer for me

I have always had very thin hair but over the past 10 years it had become so thin I was unable to wear my hair down. Over the years I have spent literally £1000’s on every hair extension type, weave and wig. For a night out I could get away with wearing extensions but my head would feel bruised.

Betsy has given me something I’ve longed for… ‘normal hair’.  Every day when I’m wearing my Betsy I feel like a celebrity but to the world I’m just a normal woman with nice hair. By night my Betsy can be styled into something very special. I look glamourous and can dance the night away feeling beautiful.

I chose Maude in 14 inch because I needed the extra thickness to disguise the fact I have very little hair underneath. The length of my hair is around 12 inches but so thin if you gathered it into a pony tail it would be half the circumference of a 5p coin.

Betsy has been a game changer for me.  I can’t wait to choose other lengths and colours soon.


I can’t remember the last time I left the hairdressers feeling as good as I did last night.

Thank you for my beautiful Grace, it took a wee while for me to feel confident enough to wear her outside the house but we are getting on great now.

She had her first outing at a birthday party as I knew it would be low lighting so felt brave enough to go for it. As you have said before not one person noticed even though I felt very aware of it. I had put a light curl in her and the only comments I received were how lovely and thick my hair looked and how I should curl it more often.  Needless to say I was delighted.

I took her to my hairdresser for her first trim last night and had forewarned her that Grace was coming along too and to be honest I think she was a little sceptical. She was however very surprised and impressed by her and by the time I left no one could believe it wasn’t my own hair. I can’t remember the last time I left the hairdressers feeling as good as I did last night.  Needless to say your name was given out quite a few times as they know quite a few people who would really appreciate something like Betsy.

I know there will be days when I will still worry that she is noticeable or not sitting quite right but hopefully over time that will go.

You have given me a wee bit of confidence back which had been missing for a while and it is greatly appreciated.

So a big thank you for your help.



I finally feel like me again....

zoe-2_1_orig (1)

Meet Zoe, due to medication she had lost a lot of hair density around the back and sides of her head. She had been having tiny ring extensions fitted but they would slip out of her fine hair after a week or so. She had bought a Halo hair piece in the hope that it would provide the coverage she needed but it was Betsy in the form of Grace Nutmeg 12″ which provided her with the perfect solution. This is Zoe 30 minutes after receiving Grace……. she looks amazing not just because she has great hair but because she has herself back and it shows.

OMG!!!! I’m soooo 😀 happy, colour match is perfect and I’ve not even had my colour done yet! Finally feel like me again 😊💁🏻‍♀️ Got Grace half an hour ago and already off to show my mum!!!

I hope other people can feel as good. It’s so comfortable and light weight too!! Once I’ve established the parting properly with my hairdresser tomorrow, I’m going to sew a clip into the front 👍🏻 … it’s a bit windy up north!! 😜 The halo I bought is going back! 😆

​Thank you sooooo much 👍🏻😘😘


Just wanted to say the most massive Thank You for the Best Christmas Present Ever!

When the postman knocked at the door with Betsy, I was still in my dressing gown with bedhead hair but 5 minutes after ripping it from his hands, it was on my head and I knew straight away that it was everything I’d hoped for and more!

I wore it out that same day for lunch with my eagle eyed mother who asked if I’d had my colour done but paid no more attention than that. The following evening, after I’d added a few curls, my sister in law commented that my hair looked nice and had I just had it done? That caused me to panic slightly and she was probably a bit puzzled by my stammering reply but since then I’ve resolved to just front it out and accept compliments gracefully. Every social event over Christmas that would usually cause me such agonies have been a pleasure to get ready for – I can’t remember the last time I was happy to look at myself in the mirror so this is such a huge change, honestly!

I feel a ‘messier’ look is more naturally me as I always had a lot of hair before the alopecia kicked in – I never thought I could have this look successfully again but Betsy has made it possible and I’m thrilled! I look (and feel) like a different person but most importantly I look and feel like me again.

Thanks so much, Paula – if I hadn’t spotted your videos, I’m not sure I would ever have got up the courage to buy a hair piece so this change is entirely down to you.

Mine is going to be a very Happy New Year thanks to Betsy and I wish the same for you.


I am in love with this new world of possibilities!

Ana got in touch with Beautiful Betsy and like many of us was beginning to think she would never find a solution to her thinning hair. Living in London Ana was a little far away to pop in for a private consultation so we arranged a Skype call for later in the week. However a few emails later, Ana decided to order the Medium Brown Betsy before the Skype call as she just did not want to go through another day feeling desperate about her hair. We kept the Skype appointment a few days later as Ana wanted to share her joy at receiving Betsy…… I was so glad to see her happy, confident and beautiful neither of us could stop smiling, though as always I had a little happy tear too :-).

‘Betsy gave me my confidence back, my smile back and opened my life to other possibilities. It is scary, why waste so much time suffering from our bad hair when we have access to a beautiful solution that works instantly. I am in love with this new world of possibilities and like you, I want to help people as well.’

Ana wanted us to share her story with you, she wants all women in a similar situation to know about Betsy and understand how easy it is to get up everyday feeling better about themselves. Thanks Ana, we think you look amazing!



Before receiving Betsy, Ana had fixed hair extensions which she removed but they had left her already thin hair very weak and in poor condition.



'I was so happy when I first saw Betsy even before I put her on because I had the feeling that she would really change my appearance for the better.'


Ana wears Medium Brown
which is a lovely warm colour
and extremely flattering.

LAURA have changed my life I can't wait to order another one.

Hi Paula, well what can I say other than Betsy is just amazing! I was just like you. For years I had been looking for a hairpeice, trying everything and spending a fortune on them. None of them looked real or felt comfortable, I’m a hairdresser so I really know what I’m talking about. Then one evening out of the blue your page came up ‘Beautiful Betsy’ and I sat there and looked at everything for about 2 hours, I was very impressed🤗🤗 Your website was fantastic you showed everything and explained it all so so well I couldn’t wait till morning to phone you and when I did you talked about it all and how to wear it and gave me so much help and advice. 

I ordered and received Betsy the following day and I have been wearing her every day since. It’s so natural and the colour I chose is simply beautiful so thank you. If anyone is looking for a hair topper then beautiful Betsy is the best believe me I’ve tried them all. Betsy has changed my hair completely and given me so much more confidence I just love love love it! You don’t even know you are wearing anything on your head it’s so brilliant. Thank you to beautiful Betsy, you have changed my life I can’t wait to order another one. Thank you X



I wanted to feel pretty and girly again

Claire wearing Betsy

‘I have had thinning hair for a few years now and had been disguising it with concealer spray and wearing my hair up. I started researching toppers as I really wanted to be able to wear my hair down and feel pretty and girly again. I loved the idea of Betsy as she looked so natural in density.

I still have my own hair , I just want to supplement it without looking ‘wiggy ‘, Betsy let’s me do that. I asked a lot of questions before purchasing…… a lot! Paula was so friendly and helpful and I received my Betsy the next day!

I wear her straight and she blends perfectly with my hair colour. I took her to my hairdressers to be styled and have a fringe cut in, which I really can’t recommend enough, now I have the same hair style that I had before but with beautiful voluminous hair.’


I now feel so much more glamorous. It's a transformation!'

Hi Paula, I am not brave enough for you to use my photos but I do want to publicly thank you for your kindness, patience and overall support in helping me to make the investment in myself and buy a topper. I cannot quite believe the difference that Betsy has made in my life. I can now leave my house feeling less self conscious and normal. Whats more I look 10 years younger and I don’t think I have smiled this much for a very long time. I needed a push in the right direction and a reminder of what it feels like to look like me again, you did that for me and I will always be grateful to you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Lxx


I am so utterly astonished with the natural look of it.



This is my lovely friend Ilca. When she visited Betsy HQ this week she couldn’t wait to try Betsy. Ilca doesn’t need to wear hair but she loved the different and fuller look wearing Betsy gave her. She is my dear friend so of course would only say nice things about Betsy so I thought it best to take a couple of photos to show the difference. Ilca is wearing Meadow


I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am!

Five star customer service from Beautiful Betsy. Paula guided me through all my queries and was so helpful in helping me choose the right colour. Paula’s YouTube videos were really helpful too. (really advise you to check them out). The product itself is absolutely amazing. Looks so natural and blends so well with my own hair colour. 

Does not look like a wig it actually looks like your own hair, it looks and blends perfectly. Feels very comfortable to wear, to be honest I can’t even feel it on my head.  I am so happy to have found Beautiful Betsy, I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am! Thank you so much for your help Beautiful Betsy! I am sure I will be back for more colours in the future.


I now feel so much more glamorous. It's a transformation!'

‘I’ve had alopecia areata for nearly a year, and it’s got to the point where I don’t see any value in spending upwards of £100 at the hairdresser every five weeks for a cut and colour. My hairdresser has been incredibly supportive and helpful – he trimmed the rather unsuccessful synthetic piece which I got before Christmas – probably because his mother had lost her hair after chemotherapy so he had some understanding of the psychological effects of hair loss. I knew that he would similarly make sure that my Betsy fits in with my style rather than it dominating me …. I’m an interior designer, so visual impressions are very important both to me and my customers!

​She arrived last week, and we both went to my hairdresser to get sorted. I am absolutely delighted, and was literally grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day. At the dinner table last night (admittedly after a couple of glasses!) I said to my family that I was actually glad to have got alopecia, as I now feel so much more glamorous! It’s a transformation. Thank you for your help; I’ll definitely be in touch when I need a Mk II!’


I am so utterly astonished with the natural look of it.

Well, where do I start? This topper is FANTASTIC! I am so utterly astonished with the natural look of it. The toast colour is very close to my own and blends really well. And even the dark roots seem to work despite my natural hair colour being quite a bit lighter. My husband and children like it! This is the first time I’ve been brave enough to let them see me trying on a topper and I only felt able to because it looks so natural. Huge success.

You are brilliant for finding this hair piece and even more brilliant for so generously sharing your knowledge online for people like me to find. Bless you Paula!

My second order is already in, I have been even bolder and purchased the Meadow Betsy and add colour to it myself just to experiment a bit.

I hope you are feeling better now from your recent illness and are making a full recovery.

Thank you again from a very delighted customer!


OMG, I have hair again!


Hi Paula,
Betsy arrived 15 minutes ago and is already on my head.
OMG I have hair again! The colour match is absolutely perfect.
This morning in the shower for the first time in a year I wasn’t in despair at the amount of hair going down the plug, I knew Betsy was on her way.
I feel 10 years younger. I can’t thank you enough.




Our beautiful hair toppers and hair enhancers are made with 100% high quality human hair that can be styled and blended to you own. 


If you are like me and thought there wasn't a solution, there is.

I honestly can’t remember how many times I googled “how to thicken thin hair” hundreds of times over and over again, daily and never really got anywhere. I just didn’t think other solutions would work for me, or maybe I didn’t have the confidence to take anything further. I came across “Beautiful Betsy” and was instantly transfixed. I watched the videos of Paula over and over again, she made Betsy look so easy and so natural. I’d had enough of spending hours trying to thicken my thin hair to end up with, well, still thin hair, I never felt like I was complete in any outfit I put on, because of my hair. After all a woman’s hair is her crowning glory or so everyone said! So, all within a few hours, I’d contacted Paula, we had no face to face contact, I didn’t need that, because I knew my mind was made up. Before I knew it I had added Betsy to my basket and checked out. Done! I felt sick but with excitement. 

Betsy arrived within 2 days. I couldn’t wait and put her on straight on out of the packaging. When I looked in the mirror, me and my friend where speechless (and I’m never speechless!!) WOW was all we could say. Wearing my Betsy (I decided to keep the name Betsy, it just sooo suits her) has honestly changed the way I feel about myself. It sounds silly to say, but i feel like I walk taller, my eyes are looking ahead instead of looking down and I just feel, well, simply happy. If you are like me and thought there wasn’t a solution, there is. No-one has noticed I wear this hair topper, it just blends in with my own hair and the only comments I get are that I have “gone blonde” and the colour “really suits you” how fab and amazing is that and its all down to Paula and Betsy of course!


Ladies Day, Ascot

Betsy is truly life changing !

A battle with cancer and the subsequent drugs regime had left Rani with thin and damaged hair. She had tickets for Ladies Day at Ascot and was contemplating cancelling because she knew that she would not want to have photos taken with her friends and her lack of confidence would ruin her day. Spurred on by the videos and reviews about Betsy and her own determination not to let her hair rule her life she and her lovely husband drove all the way from Kent to Betsy HQ.

‘ …. without Betsy I wouldn’t have wanted to go to Ascot and if I had I would not have felt so confident! I would have sat in a corner, avoided all pics, had constant hair envy and tried to be part of the furniture’  

It was a real pleasure to be able to offer Rani a solution and as you can see from the photos, she and her equally glamorous friends had an amazing day. Rani is really passionate that other women in a similar position to her educate themselves on the options available to them and not be slaves to their inadequate hair. She is a real advocate for Betsy and passes on her experience to other women when she has opportunity.

“I feel that the topper has honestly given me a new lease of life, I’m no longer controlled by my thinning hair and I can actually say ‘Yes’ to invitations and events. My friends and family cannot believe how natural Betsy looks. I am so glad that I found you and that my first topper experience has been a positive one and I am happy to share my experience with women in a similar position. You have changed my life Paula….. Thank you doesn’t seem enough!’


...I just want to tell you I adore it

I received my dark brown Betsy about 2 weeks ago and I just want to tell you I adore it and like so many women have said before about your hair piece, she is just fabulous!

​It has taken away the horror and distress of my hair loss and matches my own hair colour exactly so it blends perfectly. I will definitely be ordering another.

With love to you because you are amazing and have given me back my life.


...every time I caught my reflection, I could not believe it was me...

halina-beautiful-betsy-toast_orig (1)

I have worn my Betsy every day since I bought it……. could not wait to wear her. Betsy is already part of me, she feels like my own hair and of course now she is. Betsy has been a real tonic, I feel so young, I love, love, love my Betsy!’


...I cannot tell where my own hair ends and Maude begins.

I am delighted with my Maude Blondie. I have had her cut into a style that I love and it may help other women to see that Maude can be cut shorter very successfully. The colour is amazing, I cannot tell where my own hair ends and Maude begins. I wonder if I will be recognised when I am out because I feel 10 years younger!! 

Thank you so much.

RITA she cut away, I started to emerge and so did the tears

I took my Betsy to the hairdresser last Friday feeling pretty nervous. I started off looking at a stranger in the mirror albeit with great hair. Then, as she cut away, I started to emerge and so did the tears. In fact, she was so pleased we both shed tears 🙂 My husband thinks it’s great and says it’s like the clock has been turned back. My son didn’t notice apart from complementing me on the ‘fringe’. My neighbour said she loved my new glasses! (They’re not new). I couldn’t be more happy. I’ve worn Betsy every day and had no problems at all. Thank you so much.



I've relaxed today for the first time since being diagnosed ....... I feel so much calmer now.

Hi Paula, I want to thank you for your help with my new hair. I completely love how it has changed my life.
The synthetic wigs I had bought were way too uncomfortable to wear, felt horrible and smelt like my old Barbie Doll.

I have had my hair and Betsy cut and coloured and have worn it out and about. I now have the hair I have been wanting for years! I’ve always wanted extensions because I have not been able to grow my own hair for so long but now I have Betsy and this fantastic solution.

It has changed my evening routine, as I can keep Betsy on, till I just go to sleep, rather than taking my wig off, to put the regaine on and anxiously sitting with my thin hair on display. 😩

I’ve relaxed today, for the first time since being diagnosed with androgenic alopaecia. I had been suffering from anxiety attacks but I feel so much calmer now.

Sooo happy. Thank you!!!! Xxx


Grace was exactly what I was looking for - lightweight and natural looking

I have post-menopausal hair thinning, which was originally fairly mild and evenly distributed. When a friend pointed out that I had noticeable bald patches at the back of my head l was horrified. There were many tears plus a lot of self-pity for a few days.  

I consulted my hairdresser, GP and hair loss specialists. I had blood tests, changes to medication and was offered conflicting advice and treatment options. I was told that I have ‘classic female pattern hair loss which may, or may not, get worse’. These hair loss appointments were very ‘clinical’ and demoralising experiences. 

I felt I was ready to take control of my situation and started to look for a decent, human hair topper.  A local search proved fruitless, so I turned to the internet. There are so many hair pieces of varying quality and price out there, but I felt most of the web shops were too corporate for my requirements.   

I needed personal advice and was therefore very interested in Paula’s website. Here was someone with hair loss, who had turned her own solution into something positive and a great business. Not only that, but the whole atmosphere of the website is one of femininity and glamour. I’m not particularly ‘girly’, but even at my advanced age I still want to feel attractive.  

Even the name of Paula’s site ‘Beautiful Betsy’ is positive, so after reading the reviews I decided to take the plunge and invest in my first Betsy in the ‘Grace’ style. Betsy arrived in a lovely sparkly make-up bag, with some spare clips. Just another thoughtful little detail that helps to make buying Betsy a pleasant experience.  

Grace was exactly what I was looking for – lightweight and natural looking.  The shade was slightly too dark for me, so I phoned Paula and she agreed to exchange Betsy for a lighter shade. Paula is very helpful and I found speaking to her was reassuring. This was just the sort of web shop and customer service I had been looking for. 

I received my replacement Grace, gave her a trim and cut in a fringe. After getting email advice from Paula, I used a semi-permanent colour to match her to my own shade. Modifying Betsy is a good option if you need to make her your own.  I have some hairdressing experience, but if you are not confident enough to do it yourself, a good hairdresser should be able to do it for you.