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Betsy comes in Standard and Baby Base Sizes, find out which one is best for you

Standard Bases * ideal for more diffused hair loss or thinning across the top of head


In Stock Items Available for Delivery

Grace Standard Base  is a Light, Elegant, Clip In Mono Top Offering Light Density Coverage (130%) at the Base and a Tapering Density through the Length. Perfect to Enhance Fine or Lightly Thinning Hair . Base size is 5W x 6L.

Daphne Standard

Made to Order Available

Daphne is a light Density Mono Top Through the Top and Sides (130%) but has a Medium Density  (150%) Back Section and a Delicate Lace Front Which can be Removed if not Required.Base size is 5W x 6L.

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Esther is our Lightest Piece. At a Mere 48 – 58gms (depending on length) and 110% Density she Ensures that the Whole of the Top and Crown has Coverage but Gives just a Feathery Layer or Two through the Length on a 6W x 6.5L base.

MAUDE STandard

Made to Order Available

Maude is a Light Weight, Medium Density Clip In Mono Hair Enhancer/Topper
Maude Offers Full Coverage (150%)  and is Ideal for Diffused or More Extensive Hair Loss.  Base size is 5W x 6L.

Limited Stock Available for Delivery

Lois  is a free parting silk top hair topper with a 5L x 6W base. She comes in 2 different lengths and six beautiful shades. Lois is 130% density and is perfect if you have always had thin hair and want to replicate what we had before 

Baby Bases * Ideal for minimal hair thinning or adding volume to fine hair

Iris is a 120% density piece on a 2.5W x 5L clip in base. She has been specifically designed for women who are experiencing hair loss or thinning around the parting or on a specific area of the head. She is small and discreet and perfect for a bit of Ooomph where you need it.  

Ruby is a featherlight 120% hair topper available in a 16″length. Ruby is a silk top meaning the base is constructed with a layer of skin coloured silk like fabric which creates the most realistic parting on a hair topper. The base is 3.5W x 5L and perfect for those who simply need a little bit of VaVaVoom! 


Margot is available as a mono or silk top featherlight density enhancer with fringe designed to give your hair a little boost through the length but not full coverage. She is a baby base measuring  2.5W x 5L. If your hair has thinned out a little and you want it back then Margot could be the Betsy for you.

In Stock Items Available for Delivery

The Betsy Boutique has a collection of one off pieces that we have been sourcing from new suppliers over the past few months. We update it as and when so make sure you come and take a peek regularly and snap up the Betsy for you.

Choose to Sparkle with some Betsy Bling!

Here at Betsy HQ we love a little sparkle. This collection of Hair Jewels has been carefully selected to not only offer a little elegance and twinkle but also to provide a little extra security when dancing, running, rock climbing or just when the weather is a little breezy.