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I love Spring, its such a positive time of year, there is a real possibility that the sun will be shining when you wake up in the morning and everyone seems a little bouncier. However it also signals the end of woolly hat wearing and for many women who suffer with hair loss or thinning this can be a a little daunting to say the least. Before Betsy I was a ‘semi-professional’ hat wearer……. I looked jolly good in a beanie even if I do say so myself but my goodness it was always a tense moment when everyone else around me would relax and remove their hats and I would have to keep mine on and tell everyone my hair was a mess/needed a wash/keeping my head warm etc……… this during a time when I was so painfully sensitive about my hair.

On the flip side, Spring is a great time to make the changes you have been thinking/talking about. Perhaps after a miserable Christmas Party when that gorgeous dress you wore was let down by your hair (which BTW you had spent many hours and much money on prior to the event) you made a promise to yourself that this was the year you were going to take control of your hair, find a solution and look and feel like you again.

This Spring I am decluttering my life and passing the things I do not need to my local refugee community collection, like many of us I have too much stuff that is wasted on me, I know it can do good elsewhere. There is however one additional thing that I do need. This time last year we lost our beloved greyhound and now feels like the right time to have another hound in the house. In a couple of weeks we will be adopting Oslo, a beautiful lurcher who has had a horrible start to life at the hands of vile people.


A new start for him and us…… just hits the spot!

Too many women get in touch with me and tell me how hair loss is ruining their lives, believe me I know how that feels but imagine how empowering it is to take control and be the change you want to see…… to paraphrase Gandhi. There is no 100% perfect solution, even when I had a full glorious mane of hair I was never satisfied but I believe that Betsy was the best change I ever made, not just for me but for those who love me and want me to be happy.

Take Care All


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