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I am a member of a number of online Lupus support groups not because I need support necessarily, I am a lucky Lupus sufferer inasmuch as I have the symptoms but to a much lesser degree than some…… I consider myself mildly afflicted, thinning hair being my most serious issue. Anyhow, I am happy to be an occasional voyeur for the most part BUT when hair loss or thinning does pop up in conversation I feel honour bound to tell everyone about Betsy. I abide by the code of many online groups and do not reveal any commercial information in the forum but do offer to pass it on by way of a private message and if people are interested they can go ahead and ask me more but if I don’t hear from them, that’s fine too. I should perhaps point out to you that I am passing on the Enchantop info at this stage as I have yet to start retailing them myself…… so I am being truly altruistic.

​Today I was the target of a horrible post from someone who I hadn’t messaged but treated me like some sort of pariah. In an open forum she demanded that I don’t PM her…… I could almost feel the spittle hit my face as she spat out the words. I responded by politely telling her I had no intention of PMing anyone who hadn’t asked me to, I was calm but articulate and in my experience that’s sometimes more of a problem with those looking for a fight.

​I didn’t engage with her any further so I don’t know what her motivations were for getting all brittle about me telling people about a solution for hair thinningness (yes, I made that one up, I need to get more creative with the term). I know Lupus can affect mood and she could have been having a terrible day but what struck me is that in order to share such a personal story with strangers I am going to have to get a lot more resilient about my own hair loss so that I can enable others to open up to me. I hope she wasn’t someone that could have been helped by Betsy…….. if so hopefully she will find out about it some other way.

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