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Applying and wearing Betsy is a doddle but it can take a little time to fully understand her wants and needs and how best you can work together to create optimum impact and always look your best with minimum effort.

When I first took delivery of Betsy No.01 I was lucky enough to be working from home which meant I could wear her around the house and become fully comfortable with her before going out in public. Our first outing together was a little trepidatious, despite Betsy looking fabulous I felt that everyone could tell I was wearing hair. Of course that wasn’t true, over the last few months in order to prepare friends and family for Beautiful Betsy’s launch I have had to come clean and tell everyone that I wear hair……. believe me, no-one had spotted my lovely Betsy, lots of people have blending beautiful betsybeen genuinely shocked and lots of my lovely friends have cried real tears on seeing my videos (though I have told all of them to stop that nonsense). Seriously though, whatever or however you feel when wearing your Betsy for the first time, I too have felt all those emotions and as I have already done the hard yards getting to know her, I am happy to pass on all the tips and tricks so as to make your time with Betsy much easier than having to faff about with real hair.

No.1 tip is how to blend Betsy into your natural hairline, very straightforward. One further tip from me is not to use an expensive product (only an ethical one) of which there are many.

Thanks everyon

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