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If you have watched my videos, read my blog or know me personally you will already be aware that I like the ‘just got out of bed look’. Its perhaps laziness on my part but quite frankly the more tidy and polished I look, the less I look like myself.

Late last week somebody wrote a comment on my original You Tube Video here (which rather alarmingly has had over 100k hits and over 100 comments) that some might describe as less than flattering; Holly asked ‘Why does it look dry and frizzy though?’My response kind of sums up the whole ethos of Beautiful Betsy and why I am constantly urging everyone who wears hair to make it their own. I responded ‘Hmmmmmm …….. I don’t wear my hair hair sleek and straight so I heat style and add texture to it so it looks like me. I suppose your version of frizzy is a little different to mine’. If I did want sleek straight hair then I know Betsy can perform that miracle for me too but as my old House Mistress will tell you I don’t conform to other peoples visions/versions of me even if it does mean going to bed without supper. Haha…… I had many nights without a biscuit and hot chocolate!

This week I have received 2 emails from customers who initially struggled with feeling and looking like themselves upon first receiving Betsy that I wanted to share with you. 

As you know I have had initial issues with Betsy in that I felt she didn`t feel or look like me. However I believe  in one of your videos you had said that you had to make Betsy your own and not the other way round. That statement really resonated with me.  Anyway I have dyed  and curled her so she`s gone a slightly bit frizzy, which is great as that is what my own natural hair is like. I`ve put her on this morning and can see `me`!! I was dreading the rest of the summer – seeing friends I hadn`t seen for years etc but I can`t believe how I feel this morning. It`s like a massive weight has been lifted from my shoulders. 
I emailed Chris back:
‘I wish I could bottle and sell the point of epiphany that enables us to finally call Betsy our own…… we all go through it and I know that the longer you are a hair wearer the braver you become so I am thrilled that today you can see you after making the changes to her you needed to.’ 
 And her response: 
I went out with a couple of friends this evening and they didn`t even notice my new hair!! At work someone mentioned that my hair appeared slightly different but looked really nice, so I just smiled sweetly! It should have been a big deal for me to go into work wearing hair, but I felt so confident with your product, I really wasn`t bothered.  I would also say that one of the many pluses with Betsy, is how light she is. Today was the hottest day of the year so far and I had no issues with wearing her. She didn`t make me perspire and she still looked good in the heat.

Thank you so much for your sound advice. 

Chris is just like me in that she wanted a more ‘casual’ look but it took a little bit of time and gentle persuasion to convince her to ‘mess’ Betsy up a little……. now that she has though, it has made all the difference and she is the Boss of Betsy!

My other message came from Annie via WhatsApp. We have been chatting since February and Annie bought her Betsy in March. Initially Annie was very unsure as to whether she would ever look and feel like herself wearing hair and she had a lot of stuff happening around her which meant she couldn’t focus fully on herself until life was calmer. She did however have confidence in Betsy. When the time was right Annie took Betsy out of her box and wore her at home, still unsure we messaged a bit more and Annie promised me that she would persevere and find a way to make Betsy her own……. this week I received the following:

I took Stanley (my lovable hound) out for his walk this morning. Nobody stopped and pointed or laughed….and my husband didn’t notice. I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. Who cares 🙂

I am almost positive that its a good thing that hubby didn’t notice……Annie sent me a photo and believe me, I wouldn’t have noticed either, she simply looks like a woman with great hair.

In conclusion I just wanted to let you know that its normal to have a little wobble when you receive Betsy, she won’t look like you need her to and it may take you a while to have your own epiphany weebles beautiful betsy paula pimblottbut its okay, take your time, be kind to yourself, you will get there.
Do you remember the Weebles? I seem to recall that I was rather fond of them and had the whole family and a Treehouse! Their motto was ‘Weebles Wobble but They Don’t Fall Down’, in other words its absolutely fine to be human and react emotionally to the challenges that life throws at us but be more Weeble…. Don’t Fall Down!
Take Care Everyone BBx

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