When All you Need is Betsy & Your Birthday Suit

Before Betsy I would hide as soon as a camera appeared…… I didn’t want a record of me looking the way I did, not even on my wedding day. Now that I am approaching a BIG birthday I feel truly sad that I have very few photos of me at special events in my life so have resolved to make my remaining years ‘photo rich’.

I was kindly offered a Boudoir Shoot by a photographer friend for a Valentines Day Campaign. I wouldn’t say I exactly jumped at the chance but I recognised it was an opportunity to kick start 2020 with a real and obvious commitment to my new photo loving self 🙂

Paula Pimblott - Beautiful Betsy
Beautiful Betsy * Maude * Crumpet * Styled by Me Bx


I am thrilled with the results and whilst I cannot share the full and candid shots with you, I am happy to post this cropped shot of my very ‘of the moment’ Christine Keeleresque photograph…… just me, Betsy and my Birthday Suit (and a strategically placed chair).

A huge Thank You to my friend and very talented Janette Edmonds (Photographer) who has done all of the gorgeous photography for BB and Lisa Galvani (Hair & Makeup) at Beautifully You Photography. I cannot recommend them enough.

Take Care BBx